Customized, fast, reliable and professional translation.

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Do you need a customized, fast, reliable and professional translation that is also affordable?

This is exactly what we offer at Egyptlator, a translation company designed for our digital world, where we increasingly need to adapt our content to other languages to compete on a global level.

Our translation services cover an extensive range of documents that are potentially needed to run your global business, from product specification documents for your website or e-commerce platform to user guides, product manuals or instruction booklets for fabricated products, books, reports and of course, even presentations, including presentations for sales and client meetings or any presentation relating to the explanation of your product or service offering.

And then it’s important to find a translation service provider near you!! Translation services are a complicated art that is evermore needed. With Egyptlator, you can resolve all your translation needs in the most efficient and professional manner. Contact us for a personalized solution to your translation needs. We are flexible and can adapt to what works best for your business.

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ARABIC TRANSLATIONS is your provider of translation services. Founded in 2014 by a team of professionals with backgrounds in language studies, technology and business, ARABIC TRANSLATIONS offers a wide range of structured translation services of multilingual documents to meet the needs and demands of global clients. Translation teams at ARABIC TRANSLATIONS work closely together to produce various language versions of user guides, instruction manuals, books, reports packaging, presentations, scripts and marketing materials.


Our team has over 20 years of experience helping companies and organizations to do business around the world, communicating in any language. Our linguistic professionals combine their in depth knowledge of the language with a profound understanding of the complex terminology, concepts and culture, specifically by industry to craft authentic and original communications. The required fluency of our translations is assured through an extensive linguistic network, made up of the top professionals in the industry.


We have established the highest of ethical standards to give our clients the assurance of honest and precise work. Our pricing structure is competitive and transparent and we work to no end to assure we meet each deadline and budget. Of utmost importance is the need for absolute confidentiality of the work of our clients, one of our personal guarantees. We would love for you to become one of our success stories. Call for a consultation on your next project.

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Interpretor Services

At ARABIC TRANSLATIONS we can meet your needs for real-time translation by an interpreter. We understand that interactions with individuals who have limited expression in English require careful attention, clear comprehension and adequate responses. Without a professional interpreter, grave misunderstandings can quickly lead to problems, lawsuits or failed negotiations.

ARABIC TRANSLATIONS boasts only the most qualified and experienced interpreters, capable of managing any type of interpretation situation. Our interpreters are available 365 days of the years to help facilitate effective communication between our clients and their customers. We provide services to administrative bodies, corporations, educational institutions and medical assistance providers, among others.

Our years of experience in a variety of industries has deepened our understanding that every client is different, which has driven our ample offering of interpretation services. Therefore, we offer three main types of interpretation, depending on your needs:

  • Conference Interpretation
  • On-site Interpretation
  • Telephonic Interpretation
  • Videoconference Interpretation
  • Centralized programming
  • Evaluation of languages
  • Training Sessions and Workshops
  • Translation Services
  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Text revision
  • Editorial services
  • Book translation
  • Certifications

Who is Delivering Our Work?

Our documentation teams at ARABIC TRANSLATIONS are made of trained professionals trained in the authorship of numerous documents, translations, publication design and disciplines. Based on the language, material, format and workflow requirements, we select a Global Service Team (GST) to manage your account. The documentation teams at ARABIC TRANSLATIONS are experienced in:

  • Glossary and terminology development
  • Translation, composition and technical composition
  • Editorial and content correctness
  • A series of authorship and application publications

What are the translation projects delivered by Arabic Translations?

The professionals of ARABIC TRANSLATIONS have ample experience in delivering successful global projects. From translation of catalogues and user manuals to high-level positioning of global websites; our experience guarantees your success. Cost and time to delivery Expenses and timeframes are based on:
  • Number of words
  • Language of the original document
  • Document destination
  • Subject
  • Publication requirements
  • Original and final document formats
  • Client approval and requirements
  • Client workflow requirements


We translate the following languages to and from English. If there is a language you would like to see added, please let us know!

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